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Experience unbeatable Google Workspace pricing and top-tier support for your business needs with Medha Cloud.

Google Workspace features

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and much more.

Get the power of Gmail

Upgrade your business email to a professional Gmail account with a custom domain name, spam and virus protection, and 24/7 support.

Intelligent Collaboration

Keep work in one place. Securely access from any device. Collaborate without email. Auto-save updates in Drive for easy access.


Google Meet offers secure, encrypted video conferencing for businesses with a user-friendly interface and easy access for participants.


Google Calendar for efficient scheduling, Time Insights, and easy appointment booking. Boost productivity and stay organized.

Collaboration tools

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slides with real-time editing and communication.

Admin Portal

The User-friendly web-based admin console interface allows Administrators to manage Google Workspace users, settings, and devices.

Choose your edition. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Every plan includes
Discount applies to new customers only. Price per user.

Business Starter

7.5% off
per user/month, one-year commitment
30 GB storage per user
Custom and secure business email
100-participant video meetings
Security and management controls
Standard support
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Business Standard

7.5% off
per user/month, one-year commitment
2 TB storage per use
Custom and secure business email
150-participant video meetings + recording
Security and management controls
Standard support (paid upgrade to Managed Services)
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Business Plus

7.5% off
per user/month, one-year commitment
5 TB storage per user
Custom and secure business email
500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
Security and management controls
Standard support (paid upgrade to Managed Services)
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Offer Details

  1. If you're unhappy with your purchase, no worries. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee according to our refund policy, if it’s requested within 14 days of purchase.
  2. The Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans are available for purchase with a maximum capacity of 300 users. For Enterprise plans, there are no minimum or maximum user restrictions in place.
  3. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for every new customer without questions.
  4. This promotion is exclusively for new Google Workspace customers. The special discounted price applies to the first 20 users added and is valid for one year. After the first year, standard pricing applies to all users.
  5. For example, if you purchase 22 accounts in the first year, you will pay 125 x 12 x 20 for the first 20 users, which equals 30,000, and for the remaining 2 users, you will pay 210 x 12 x 2, which equals 5,040. The total cost for 22 accounts would be 35,040 for the first year.
  6. In the second year, standard pricing will apply to all users. Assuming the standard price is 210 per user, you will pay 210 x 12 x 22, which equals 55,440.

Enterprise plans

Are you a large organization, looking for flexible storage options, advanced video conferencing features, and enterprise-grade security and compliance?

View Enterprise plans

Experience, Support, Flexibility: Your Google Workspace

When it comes to delivering top-notch Google Workspace solutions, Medha Cloud stands out from the crowd. Here's why businesses trust us to take their Workspace experience to the next level.

4.6 Star rating on Google 

Rated 4.5/5 on Google Business Reviews Read our reviews

We understand that every
counts. That's why we offer quality services cheaper than both other resellers and direct Google pricing.
We believe in convenience and flexibility. Please choose what works best for you from our payment options credit card, UPI, PayPal, or bank transfer.
Your business is unique, and so is our service. Enjoy the personalized attention of a dedicated account manager who knows your needs.
Experience reliable 24/7 support - get the help you need when you need it most.
As a top-rated Google Partner, we bring you the best Google Workspace solutions. We have a proven track record of success, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.
More than a thousand businesses trust us with their Google Workspace needs. We're proud to serve and support our large and growing client base.

Compare Google Workspace Plans and Price in Detail

Choose a plan that works for you

Partially included
Not included
Business Starter
₹125.00 INR
$5.7 USD
Google Original Price
₹136.00 INR
$6 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Or ₹155
 per user/montly commitment
Business Standard
₹680.00 INR
$11.5 USD
Google Original Price
₹736.00 INR
$12 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Or ₹840
 per user/montly commitment
Business Plus
₹1276.00 INR
$16.65 USD
Google Original Price
₹1380.00 INR
$18 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Or ₹1573
 per user/montly commitment
Gmail Business email
Custom email for your business
Phishing and spam protection that blocks more than 99.9% of attacks
Ad-free email experience
Video and voice conferencing
100 participants
150 participants
500 participants
Meeting length (maximum)
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours
US or international dial-in phone numbers
Digital whiteboarding
Noise cancellation
Meeting recordings saved to Google Drive
Polling and Q&A
Meeting recordings saved to Google Drive
Moderation controls
Hand raising
Breakout rooms
Attendance tracking
In-domain live streaming
Secure cloud storage
30 GB per user
2 TB per user
5 TB per user
Drive for desktop
Support for over 100 file types
Shared drives for your team
Target audience sharing
Team messaging
Turn history on or off by default
Auto-accept invitations
One-to-one external chat
Advanced chat rooms, including threaded rooms and guest access
Shared calendars
Appointment booking pages
Browse and reserve conference rooms
Docs, Sheets, Slides
Collaborative content creation
Keep shared notes
Sites website builder
Interoperability with Office files
Easier analysis with Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup and Answers
Writing assistance with Smart Compose, grammar suggestions and spelling autocorrect
Connected sheets
Custom branding for document and form templates
Cloud Search
Smart search
1st party data
1st party data
Business Starter
₹125.00 INR
$5.5 USD
Google Original Price
₹136.00 INR
$6 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Business Standard
₹672.00 INR
$11.5 USD
Google Original Price
₹736.00 INR
$12 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Business Plus
₹1260.00 INR
$17 USD
Google Original Price
₹1380.00 INR
$18 USD
per user/month, one-year commitment
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Need help? 

Questions on sales or need support? We're here 24/7. Our team is just a click or call away, ready to assist with your Google Workspace needs. At Medha Cloud, we're not just about services but about building relationships.
Call us at +1 646 775 2855 or +91 93536 44646

What our customers says about us?


Rated 4.6/5 on Google Business Reviews Read our reviews

Prompt and reliable support and service

I had chance to get service from Medha Hosting - I was able to get more prompt and reliable support and service - Look forward more service from Medha Hosting. If anyone is searching for Google Workspace, I highly recommend them


Excellent service at affordable rates.

Medha Hosting has been quite helpful in guiding us and selecting the appropriate Google workplace plan for your organization. Medha Hosting have provided an excellent service at affordable rates. Highly recommended

Phani Krishna

Smooth and hassle-free process

I just set up my Google Workspace account through Medha Hosting. The whole process was hassle-free and smooth like butter. My account was set up by Ms. Aniqua Naaz. She did the job wholeheartedly and with a lot of patience.

Sudhesh K jain

Our Google Workspace service offerings

  • Google Workspace Professional Services

    Leveraging our robust experience in Google Workspace professional services, we're all about providing tailor-made solutions. From setup to management and ongoing support, we've covered you to ensure your Workspace experience is superb. Here's a snapshot of what we do.
    Set up and manage Google Workspace
    We'll tailor your Google Workspace to fit just right, setting up Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and everything else you need.
    Managing users, groups, and access
    We'll keep your team organized, managing user accounts, creating email groups, and ensuring everyone has the right access levels.
    Keeping things secure
    We've got your back regarding security. From setting up 2-step verification to managing mobile device security, we'll ensure your data stays safe.
    Ongoing support and updates
    Google's always adding new features, and we're always on top of them. Plus, we're here for you with ongoing support to keep your Google Workspace running smoothly.
  • Google Workspace migration services

    Google Workspace migrations? We've done plenty. We know what works and what doesn't and are all about making things easy for you. Less downtime, more productivity. It's as simple as that.
    Checking out your current setup
    We start with a solid look at your current scene. It helps us tailor a smooth path for your Google Workspace migration.
    Setting up Google Workspace
    We'll set up your Google Workspace just as needed, ensuring everything fits into your workflow.
    Moving Mailboxes, Drive, and all  important stuff
    We'll safely migrate your emails, Drive files, and other crucial data to their new Google home with minimal downtime.
    Fine-tuning licenses, reports, and tweak things
    After we move you to Google Workspace, we will not just leave you hanging. We'll help manage licenses, refine reports, and tweak things to keep your Workspace running smoothly.
  • Google Workspace consulting services

    When it comes to navigating the complexities of Google Workspace, we're your trusted advisors. Our consulting services are about helping you use Google Workspace to its fullest potential. Here's a taste of how we can help
    Strategy and planning
    We'll help you craft a clear, effective strategy for using Google Workspace in your business. This includes planning how to use each tool best to meet your goals.
    Best practices consulting
    We'll share the tricks of the trade, advising you on best practices for using Google Workspace to increase productivity and collaboration.
    Custom configuration advice
    Need to tweak Google Workspace to fit your needs better? We've got you covered with advice on custom configurations.
    Ongoing Google Workspace optimization:
    As your business evolves, so will your use of Google Workspace. We'll help optimize your setup and keep everything running smoothly.

Top questions about Google Workspace

We offer personalized support and custom solutions, discounts, and managed services. Our dedicated team ensures prompt assistance, exceptional service, and unmatched proficiency, surpassing what Google and other resellers typically provide. Opt for Medha Cloud to benefit from a comprehensive package tailored to your business's unique needs.
We accept various payment methods, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Bank transfers, cheques, and PayPal. If you need assistance with your payment method, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We provide migration services to help you transition smoothly to Google Workspace. Our services are designed to fit a fixed budget, and no hidden costs are involved.
Our standard support covers billing and common Google Workspace problems. Consider buying our Managed Google Workspace services option for a fully managed solution.
Yes, we offer Managed Google Workspace services to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for your business. Our services come with a fixed budget and no hidden costs.

Need help? Call us at +1 646 775 2855 or  +91 93536 44646 

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