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As your multi-cloud and managed services experts, we have covered every step, from initial consultation to day-to-day operations. Count on us to do whatever it takes to complete the job and ensure your business runs smoothly. Let us help you make the most of your cloud infrastructure and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Medha Hosting now is Medha Cloud

The Medha Cloud you’ve heard so much about is now the foundation of Medha Cloud. We’re still delivering the same amazing cloud and IT infrastructure services on an even bigger scale.
New name and look. Same power and control

Medha Cloud Platform

Experience Enhanced Agility, Security, and Performance

Self Managed VMs

It's time to grow your business with our powerful and cost-effective Virtual Private Servers.
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From $9.99

Fully Managed VMs

Join the club of satisfied users of our fully managed VPS hosting backed by round-the-clock support.
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From $125

Private Cloud

Our Private cloud service allows you to design your data center using virtual machines (VMs) and software-defined networking (SDN).
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From $499


Get your server, storage, and network infrastructure reliable, connected, and secure with our colocation services.
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From $79.99

SOC As Services

Utilize our SOC-as-a-service to protect yourself from the most recent security dangers in the online world.
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From $99.90

NOC As Services

Our renowned Virtual NOC offers a variety of 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and event management services
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From $99.90

Our Partner Platform

Application focused, Automation-driven, Cloud managed services provider with factory approach

Microsoft Azure

We work closely with you to leverage Azure cloud solutions to help you overcome application and infrastructure challenges and increase efficiency.

Google Cloud

We assist you in making the most of your investment so you can concentrate on the flexibility and scalability provided by Google Public Cloud.

Google Workspace

We assist you in utilizing Google Workspace, a set of Google's cloud computing, productivity, collaboration tools, programs, and products.

Microsoft 365

Best-in-class productivity apps, full cloud services, and cutting-edge security are all combined in one seamless experience with Microsoft 365.

Trusted by thousands of businesses that demand high performance and reliability

The team, the expertise, and the culture of Medha Cloud enable us to assist our clients in getting nothing but the best cloud service.

Medha Cloud Solutions

Explore our wide range of cloud solutions to grow your business.

Managed Azure Cloud

We develop and deploy cloud solutions that help you achieve more innovative business outcomes in less time.

Managed Google Cloud Platform

Make the most of what you use today and prepare your organization for the future with our cloud application management solutions.

ERP (DYnamics 365 Business Central)

Explore our cloud ERP solutions loaded with unique features that are customizable & scalable as per your needs.

Micrsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagemnet CE CRM

Get your marketing, sales, service, and IT teams to work as one from anywhere with our cloud-based CRM

Email Secuirty

Increases productivity and allows workers to perform job duties remotely with our cloud emails and productivity suits.

Professional Services 

Modernize your data management systems and simplify cloud data storage with our affordable data management solutions.

Get the right cloud solutions to solve your toughest business challenges

Explore All Platforms

Medha Cloud Industry Specific Solutions

Count on our industry experts to deliver customized solutions tailored to your challenges.

Financial Services

Our cloud solution helps financial service providers cope with an unpredictable and constantly changing financial services landscape.


Our cloud solutions offers more flexibility, enable government agencies to increase operational effectiveness, and deliver proven innovation.

Healtcare, Pharma and Bio Tech

Our cloud-based solutions speed up research, improve operational agility and forge more resilient supply chains.


Our cutting-edge cloud solutions help your business get on the path to efficient and streamlined operations without a massive capital outlay.


Our cloud solutions help you unify data, make informed decisions and better serve your beneficiaries, communities, and stakeholders.


Let us manage and optimize your infrastructure, improve accessibility, enhance operational efficiency, and save money with our cloud-delivered solutions

SaaS and ISV

To maximize cloud ROI and boost the bottom line, SaaS & ISV companies can use automation, scalability, and flexibility from Medha Cloud.

Consumer Goods

With Medha Cloud, you can maximize profits through effective planning and minimize lost sales through enhanced execution.

Oil and Gas

With Medha Cloud,oil and gas comapnies can maximize profits, digitize assets through effective planning and minimize lost sales through enhanced execution.

Media and Entertainment

Medha cloud solution provides ample opportunities for dispersed and redundant architectures that transforms audience experiences and increase operational efficiency.

Automotive and Transportation

Medha hosting help transportation and logistics organizations work faster and cost-efficiently, improve the cost of their operations and drive digital transformation.

Food and Beverage

We help Food and Beverage innovate in the cloud, protect customers' data and scale operations globally, streamline operations and focus on big-picture growth with our cloud solutions.

Travel and Hospitality

We help travel and hospitality organizations transform their operations, delivery better experiences by offering innovative, affordable, and versatile solutions.


The market-leading solutions from Medha hosting assist retail firms in meeting customer demands today, streamlining operations, and enhancing business intelligence.

Public Utilities

Medha cloud solution helps utility companies digitize their businesses faster and automate their day to day tasks with a range of industry-leading solutions.

Key Portfolio

Application focused, Automation-driven, Cloud managed services provider with factory approach

Enterprise Managed Services

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Managed Cloud Services

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Application Management Services

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