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6 Key Points To Check While Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

April 14, 2020

Web hosting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IT industry. Hence to enrich it further, there are thousands of web hosting providers are there. According to Finances Online, 66% of users claim that a website’s performance directly influences its public perception. In addition, 35% of customers are less likely to buy from websites with poor performance, indicating that back-end server hosting does matter in UX.

With that said, it’s important to note that hosting services will typically market their benefits and forgo mentioning any wrong sides to their value proposition.

Just because a service is affordable and well-designed on the surface, its overall performance and long-term functionality may be less ideal.

In this post, let’s take a look at the significant hazards of web hosting, which you should absolutely inform yourself about before choosing the web hosting provider and platform for your website.

Shared IP Addresses

Let’s take a look at the significant hazards of web hosting, which you should absolutely inform yourself about before choosing the web hosting provider and platform for your website.

Depending on the price tag attached to a hosting provider, you may have to share the server space with numerous other businesses and websites.

While this is not an issue in itself, providers that skimp on server space allocation and designate shared IP addresses between businesses should be avoided.

Sharing IP addresses with other users on the web can lead to numerous issues for both parties.

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This is especially true for tech-related businesses with B2B partners who are well-aware of your IP address and other identifiers related to your website.

Moreover, problems can appear if another business that shared your IP address performs an illicit act, goes under or enters a feud with a client. Inquire about the provider’s practices with sharing IPs before you decide that it is the perfect fit for you to avoid issues down the line.

Server Uptime Concerns

There are a plethora of reasons which can lead to a website going offline for an indefinite amount of time.

These can range from too many users trying to access the site to too much data coming from different websites to the server. However, good web hosting providers are able to maintain your site’s uptime regardless of what other businesses on the server might be up to.

Losing precious hours or (in worst cases) days of uptime can be catastrophic for businesses that rely on revenue generation (like eCommerce).

This is because apology messages written with platforms such as Best Essay will only do so far for customers interested in shopping.

Get in touch with your potential web hosting provider and ask them about eventual uptime and downtime issues to get a better feel for their practices.

Inconsistent Load Times

One of the banes of poor hosting service providers concerns their ability to facilitate optimal load times for the websites they work with.

Irregular loading can be highly volatile in terms of increasing your abandonment and bounce rates, especially when it comes to sales. Additionally, favorable load times can positively impact your website performance and allow for higher search engine ranking, effectively increasing your site’s visibility and traffic.

Make sure that the web hosting provider you chose offers a guarantee of keeping your website’s speed high at all times. As a permanent solution, you can choose a dedicated server if your business is in a rapid growth stage.

Plus, the content you upload should be optimized well enough to allow for quick loading and low bandwidth requirements to help matters further. A combination of fast back-end hosting and well-optimized on-site content will allow for much better UX and visitor impressions for your website – inquire about it.

Illicit Access Protection

Password protection is a hosting hazard both the provider and you as a site admin should be aware of. When it comes to you, any passwords or login information concerning your site should be updated frequently to avoid social engineering and cybersecurity issues.

Writing platforms such as Supreme Dissertations/ Evernote can be utilized to write and format different password combinations which can be swapped on-site periodically.

On the other hand, your web hosting provider should be vigilant and aware of trending malware, hacking attempts, and forms of illicit access on the web.

Find a provider with SSL certificates that can assist you in case of any problems with third-party access to your website.

This is important since your hosting provider will be the first and last defensive line of your website should a hacking attempt take place.

Network Optimization

Once your website is online, its performance will depend on the type of optimization and monitoring it receives from the hosting provider. There is only so much you can do on your end as a client, making network monitoring and occasional consultations a must for good providers.

Before you settle for a provider, vet them for details about their support team, IT managers, and other staff related to server maintenance.

This is important since many hosting websites offer seemingly perfect features until you pay for them and discover that it was all smoke and mirrors.

Even if you aren’t tech-savvy yourself, a good web hosting provider will provide you with assistance in bringing the website online in an optimal manner. Look for providers with genuine professionals behind them, ones who will care about your site’s optimization and monitor it for discrepancies and performance bottlenecks, respectively.

Poor Capacity Scaling

Lastly, there might come a time where you will want to change the subscription model you chose for your website. However, the option to scale your website’s capacity and hosting features will rest entirely in the web hosting provider’s hands. Unfortunately, not every provider will be happy to oblige and help you migrate the website to another server package effortlessly, which can lead to issues.

Tyrone Mitchel, Head of IT Management at Studius had this to say on the topic: “Good hosting will make or break your entire website. If a hosting provider is unwilling to meet you halfway and accommodate for special needs or contract changes, start looking elsewhere. There is an untapped field of potential hosting providers out there– don’t settle for your first option; the situation is never that urgent.”

Weighing the Costs & Returns

Finally, it’s worth discussing the balance between features and price points when it comes to choosing the best hosting provider for your website.

In the end, it all comes down to what you really need for your site in the foreseeable future. Blogs and personal portfolio websites’ don’t require as much data processing or content hosting justifying a high price range. On the other hand, eCommerce and service-based businesses do need stable, secure, and monitored and well-managed web hosting, leading to higher investment costs.

Choosing an improper web hosting provider not only leads to your brand’s downfall on the market but wrench your plans. You might have to migrate to a different hosting provider, which will lead to inevitable downtime and loss of traffic and revenue for no reason.

Take time and pick a reliable web hosting provider, reach out to different providers, and make an informed decision the first time around. In the end, it all comes down to the provider’s ability to facilitate your online operations securely and stably.

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