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8 Hard Truths for SMBs not Worried About Data Recovery and Business Continuity

The Facts Faced By The SMBs Who Neglected Data Recovery and Business Continuity

The basic infrastructure to build up a successful business is relied on the business strategy, resource utilization and the efficient data management. And the success tends to extend if they can retrieve the data at any point of requirement. But, When the topic arises, most of the small-medium business owners neglect it.

No one is actually ready to equipped with the precautions, instead, everyone is waiting for the calamity. Till it gets infected they keep ignoring the facts outrightly.

It is sure that they will start recovering and backing it up at the time of perils, but they are not at all ready to take the initiative now.

If you think that you one of them, this is for you to consider…

It is Malware that acts maliciously than the disasters and calamities to pull down the businesses that we build up with our blood and sweat. Since the mid of this decade, the growth of malware attacks and hackers are going high above than our estimations. They are hovering around all sort of devices relentlessly.

• More than half of the SMBs in the U.S. have been experiencing malware disturbance in day-to-day business operations. And above 80% of these events are leading them to extreme downtimes and it has been keeping a tendency of lasting nearly from one to three days.
• A detailed data compiled by the Hughes Marketing Group, around 90% of companies are spending the very minute amount of time with their employes over their business continuity plan.
• Over 80% of businesses went out of the business within three years. Further, around 40% of businesses infected by critical IT failure issues and forced to hold their operations within one year. And only 33% of hardly survived for minimum years.
• As per the study conducted by the disaster recovery providers around 60% to 70% of all business, disruptions originate from inside mostly due to hardware or software failure or human error.
• Followed by similar incidents 93% of businesses are unable to access their data center for ten or more days and filed for bankruptcy.
• Reportedly, there are over 140,000 hard drive crashes are happening in the U.S alone, each week.
• Around 34% of SMBs do not even have a backup plan and the population that has one is failing in their strategies.

Hence, it is critically important to take data backup and recovery process as serious as your business. Else, if you can bare the unexpected nightmares. But, why should we let our business to such a risk, while there are ample options to upkeep our business high above.

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