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Dedicated Game Server: How to choose the right infrastructure? (2020)

March 18, 2020

The importance of high-performance dedicated game server in the gaming sector is too high to ignore, especially since cloud gaming has begun to steal the show. Super-high latency is what gamers need to experience the real gut of a game. And customized dedicated servers are the best solution to provide such a short/zero latency.

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In 2019, the value of the cloud gaming market had hit $1.15 billion and was increasingly growing at a rate of 15.3% with a promising futuristic approach. And the prime factor that played behind the screen to make it to this huge number is dedicated game servers and its effective usage.

Hence for a seamless gaming experience, high-performance dedicated servers are quite quintessential. Moreover, over the last year, new tech giants such as Google, Epic games have advanced toward the cloud gaming industry with innovative technologies. Among that, Google's Stadia was one of the remarkable platforms that open disruptive doors for engaging cloud gaming geeks.

However, to facilitate such a lively gaming experience, companies should be backed by customized and dedicated servers locally.

The success story of Crytek (a german video game and software developer) has been founded on their private localized dedicated servers. When their top-rated game Hunt: Showdown released on Xbox One, the traffic has almost quadrupled, and they had to scale up to deal with the influx of additional user traffic. Employing custom server infrastructures at the respective location around the world, Crytek handled the situation seamlessly.

Likewise, a lot of gaming platform is leveraging the features of dedicated serves to perform its services effectively. However, each gaming platform requires different features and specifications concerning the factors such as functionality, traffic, capabilities.

Here let's check what is the importance of dedicated server and how to choose the right infrastructure for gaming

Importance of Dedicated Game Server

Cloud-based games naturally come with multiplayer functionalities, and it required high-end bandwidth. Plus, it demands highly-available server support with extreme scalability. Hence to assure the best performance and offer the realtime gaming experience, there no other way than a locally hosted dedicated server.

It cuts off the latency significantly and provides accurate gaming experience to gamers from all across the world at their respective locations.

Edward Fong (MD at Ubisoft, Australia) says, the gamers from Australia deserve an equal high-available online environment as the players from other countries.

However, some pretty severe gamers think about owning a server as well. This enabled the gamers to fend off unidentified users from intruding, and it gave additional controls for the players.

Hence, players start to optimize their gaming experience with unparalleled speed and minimal latency rate. In fact, owning a dedicated server opens a broad road to take control of the gaming infrastructure. Unlike depending on the network bandwidth and connectivity capacity, people can avail fully equipped dedicated server with the help of a server hosting provider.

In addition, though, having a dedicated server helps to get the most out of the gaming package despite it cost a bot more than other servers monthly. But, each spent is worth and adds exceptional gaming experience for you intact.

Moreover, the dedicated servers can not only assure high performance and no latency characteristics, but also the users will get additional dependability, security, and service availability for the users.

How to select a dedicated infrastructure for gaming needs?

Today, dedicated servers for gaming works in a 1:1 ratio. Plus, gaming companies recommend dedicated game server machines for experiencing the maximum out of the game. However, there is a wide range of dedicated servers for gaming that can be chosen based on the games.

In fact, as new advanced styles of games have emerged into the entertainment world, the need for multi-dimensional scalable servers comes into demand.

Games with realtime simulation and multiplayer sessions necessitate additional scaling tactics that assures minimal latency and maximum compute power, cross-scalability, etc. Hence, while selecting a dedicated game server, you have to check whether it can address all the following challenges and give out an exceptional performance as your gaming environment demands.

  • Maintaining the game server with an immediate response time practice
  • Global distribution of dedicated game servers to cut off latency and redundancy
  • Sufficient validation on the game server to keep exploits and intruders away
  • Strengthening the dedicated game server against DDOS ( denial of service) attacks and other threats
  • On the client-side, implement delay for communication retries
  • Create sessions/ externalizing process state

Besides, despite all these promising features, the relevance of a well-equipped and appropriately designed database is high for the seamless gaming experience. Ultimately, it is a critical component in the gaming infrastructure.

The database should be capable of bearing the varying workloads appropriately. Unfortunately, if the database is not ready to welcome an instant surge of loads, gamers will leave the game. So, it is necessary to plan the database resources in the upfront and keep these factors in mind when designing a game database

  • Make an informed choice to handle the unexpected load situation with your database by which to understand the type and frequency of the database and ensure it is more enough to afford the load.
  • Try out the different databases as your database requirements go high. A lot of gaming providers are using separate databases for various purposes. For example, some games store account and in-game data in relational databases and archives game state data in different NoSQL databases.
  • Data Backup is also a crucial factor to recover the required data from a database failure. So, it is recommended to go with a geographically distributed backup plan.

Importance of Game Server Hosting Provider

The hosting provider can help us to tap out the most out of the server quite extensively. That is why they are a critical factor for anyone who likes to won/have a dedicated server for gaming/ any other purpose.

Since dedicated game servers are high performance and require additional product ad industry expertise, your game server hosting partner should be possessing top professional and industry quality. They should serve as a knowledge resource for your dedicated server for gaming.

Your game server hosting provider should able to advise you to equip with the additional database to a server that has exceptional processing capacity, RAM, and scalable storage. Plus, they could recommend which cloud platform and server choice would be beneficial to carry out the process seamlessly.

Besides, they could act impetuously to clone a server to distribute the load and balance the load across the servers. And they could forecast the trouble and resolve it upfront for ensuing a down-time free gaming environment.

To illustrate, the 24\7 service support by Medha Hosting for high-performance dedicated servers and the additional service expertise for industry partners is a valid example. They provide end-to-end service support with a maximum performance guarantee and 365 days with instant technical advice across the globe.

By the way, availing such an exclusive server hosting service may go wildly expensive. Hence, along with the quality of the service, the hosting provider should able to assemble the relevant set of infrastructure for your particular gaming requirements. Also, they could offer you the best yet cheap dedicated server hosting service with the maximum standers as well.


In short, dedicated game servers are highly sophisticated and custom-built systems to run high performing games seamlessly. It requires meticulous service and maintenance. Plus, each gamers' requirement will vary according to the specification and mode of game experience. Thus, the best option to assemble a dedicated game server is to consult an expert dedicated server hosting provider to assist it.

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