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Top 10 Cheap Dedicated Servers List – Truth Revealed

October 19, 2018

Hi everyone,

Ever feel like you're googling, and reading the same kinds of cheap dedicated server list over and over and over again?

You might be fed up with the same long list of cheap dedicated server list that is just weaved for trap us down on the web of true cheap looters in server hosting industry.

Like you, we are also hoping for a cheap and best-dedicated server provider. We are even get flooding in by this mundane list of cheap dedicated server providers.

Moreover, we know it’s a bit difficult to find out who is real and who is not a real cheap hosting partner.

Here, we are with a surprising and equally perplexing story about the plots taking place behind the screen of cheap dedicated server provider-show.

Do you think the popping list of cheap dedicated server service providers on our screen is true in all its aspects? It ’s not.

The reality behind the cheap dedicated servers list

Let me explain, go to google .com and type “cheap dedicated servers.”

Cheap Dedicated servers list 1

And, the results are like this

Here we get the list of top cheap dedicated server hosting providers. It looks perfect and finely defined for us. We’ll click it with an eager heart to get the service more affordable.

However, are we getting it for a cheaper price!

Let’s check it out, what is happening inside, how is it works and what all we need to check?

Let’s go with the first search result.

Cheap Dedicated servers list 3

You might be seeing a webpage that is similar to this; there may be some changes can be expected.

Almost in every list, we can watch the profusion of keywords and its technical focus words.
With a perplexing introduction session, the blog post will usher us to the list of true cheap dedicated server hosting providers.

Including their history, features, services, and review and why to choose them to others. Probably, it would be a lengthy post with charts and lists as well.

Mostly we can land on a page like this

Cheap Dedicated servers list 4

You can see whatever you want to know about dedicated service server hosting for your business on these lists.

The features, ratings, How to, what to, and why should we, and all answers will be there.

Most probably you don’t have any questions after going through the write-up.

We’ll get a feeling of relief as if finally we got an affordable server hosting partner who knows the pocket size of our business.

In-Depth Analysis of Cheap Dedicated  Servers Offers

Let's go a bit more in-depth,

I’m clicking on the first provider that appeared in the cheap dedicated server list, and it directed me to their service page.

Cheap Dedicated servers list 5

The service page welcomed me with a wide array of offers and services that I can choose. It's seen quite pretty and convincing as well.

A dedicated server hosting for this cheap rate is not an easy deal to look down. Also, the additional offers are even glimmering on my eyes, but I looked down my pocket and tried to keep my eyes on the small platers.

As we all do, I jumped for it and decided to go for it.

I got my order, well garnished and hinted with all the required aromas and for a sensible price, I wished to slurp it at once.

Here, if we have a second look, we can see that the offer is just for the first four months.

I know, we’ll have got a thought that at least we can try it for the first four months and stop the service if it’s not going well.

Of course, we have the right to take any decision but haven’t you checked the features that we’ll get for the offered price.

Is it enough for you for the price you are splashing for the growth of your business?

Don’t you want to know if anyone is giving better service at a lesser price?

Let's check it out,

Now I’m clicking the second first, and let's check what they have for us.

Cheap Dedicated servers list 7

I think the price difference is making some sense at least over the disk space and in the domain name, you can check as well.

I went forward and  search there, and I was pulled into a page that you see below

Cheap Dedicated servers list 8

Then, I nosed around, but I couldn’t find the offered prize that they pasted on the affiliate website.
With a hint of perplexity walked around my head and checked the first offer that they are offered for the best price.

While I moved my mouse pointer over the popping ORDER-NOW button, An unusual drop-down box popped up and asked me, which one you need, a monthly subscription, a half-year subscription or a year full subscription.

I checked three of them evidently and found the price sticker they pasted over the offer boards are only applicable for a yearly subscription.

To get a clear picture I went inside and picked the half-year subscription.

It again surprised me with loads of annoyance,
They’ve unrolled an endless list of features that we can add in our cart for extra cash.

It never ends here, they charge for every service,

Can you see the box at the top right corner, the features are visible I hope. That is the list of features we’ll get for sure at this price.

But have you seen any of these attached strings on the list page of top cheap dedicated service? No, right?

This what we are trying to tell all this while. These providers won’t say the real picture at the posters. Once buy the ticket and start watching the show, we can come to know what we’ve paid.

We have seen those offers, not on the provider's page; the affiliate marketers tackle these marketing strategies.

Affiliates role behind the Offers

The hosting service providers will facilitate all the tools and amenities that they need to enchant the customers. Also, the affiliate marketers will get wholesome commissions as well.

Cheap Dedicated servers list 11

For each sign-ups and for every referral they can earn a lump sum of money laying back at their homes.

The long blogs that are tightly packed with keywords are their SEO trick to sit at the top of the search result. It is as empty as it is.

They are cleverly leveraging the technological knacks to cheat down rightly our fellow customers.

Cheap Dedicated servers list 12

Through the affiliate marketers, they are claiming themselves as the top cheap dedicated server hosting list/the best dedicated server hosting providers. The truth is absolutely in reverse, in fact.

In our in-depth research, we couldn’t even find a single dedicated server hosting company that is listed on the website page as cheap dedicated that genuinely provides an affordable server hosting service.

If we could find at least a justified service on that list, we would happily prescribe it to our fellow customers.

But, regretfully we couldn't find a single one on the list.

That doesn’t mean, there is any cheap dedicated server around us, there are a lot of server hosting providers works decently and genuinely providing the best services at a more competitive price.

They are not crazy about cheating and media hypes, so most of the time we are unlucky to hear about them.

The story is not ending here; we’ll be here to surprise and equally amaze you with an unbelievable list of real cheap dedicated server providers

Meantime you can Try here Our Cheap Dedicated servers.

Medha Hosting cheap dedicated servers

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