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Transend Email Data Migration Tool: A Review

June 12, 2020

Lack of stability and reliability are the most daunting issue we encounter in email/data migration processes. Though there are several email migration tools, most of them are do not meeting the expected throughput. Even the native inbuilt data migration tools fail to work appropriately.

Frequent glitches such as unexpected freezing up of data migration, repeated error messages, inaccurate data exchange are turning native migration functionalities unreliable. Plus, the dead-slow migration processes that delays the data/mailbox migrations beyond the accepted limits posing as a challenge for businesses.

Even the import and export tools of Outlook, including the Outlook IMAP support and native import/export tools, deliver below the line of services, migration tool like Transend emerged as a great help.

Transend email migration tool is designed to transfer mailboxes from legacy email clients and servers with assured data fidelity, stability, and reliability.

In this blog, lets' check, what is the benefits of Transend migration tools and its use cases.

What is Transend Email Data Migrator?

Transend data migration software is also called as migrator, which is one of the robust email migrator software. And it is one of the Microsoft certified and top-rated email/data migration software without any dependencies. Pus, it is the most accessible email migration software to install and configure without any technical expertise.

Talking more about this email data migration tool, it has an intuitive interface and has a unique customization option that makes it flexible to meet the migration project requirements. Therefore, Transend data migration tool is still being the best migration software for the end-users and migration engineers.

Office 365 migration

Email Systems and Data Type do Transend Supports?

Transend migration tool is the best software that supports a wide variety of email servers and mail clients. This single utility supports almost all email systems virtually and helps to orchestrates migration process from a single dashboard.

It includes Office 365, Exchange/Outlook, Gmail/G Suite, GroupWise, Amazon Work mail, Domiano Note, Mirapoint, IMAP, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX, Sun messaging system, POP, Eudora, Outlook Express and much more.

Besides, it supports all sorts of data types such as emails, address books, calendars, tasks, and other archives data in a single migration.

How Transend data migration software maintains Data Integrity?

Transend data migration tool doesn't allow any sort of data compromise. It transfers the original data as it has been in the source folders.  Plus, it gives better data fidelity than any other tool by maintaining the source data structure unshattered during the migration process.

Mail/message attachments also maintained along with the messages from the source to the target system. Also, images that are attached will also be maintained in the same structure with the messages in the target system.

In terms of converting server mailboxes, Transend migration software helps not only to convert the mailboxes but archives the local files directly in servers in the target system.

How Flexible is Transend Migration Tool?

Transend migrating software offers an array of customization options. In fact, Transend is the most flexible email migration tool available in the market. Users can alter the tool behavior as per the migration process.

Because every business has a distinctive requirement, and while deciding to move to n new platform, there will be tons of files that need to be left behind. Plus, each business's data confidentially and structure would be different.

Transend allows all users to alter it to make it suitable for their particular migration requirement. By Special criteria, filters, data type, and size, data range users can apply migration settings without any troubles.

To explain, it gives the option to convert all mail folders, including individual folders. Above that, if the user wants to convert a particular set of mails, the user can set criteria, and the tool will do it.

Besides, if the user wants to convert the messages that come under a particular data range, they can set it accordingly. In addition, changing email addresses to match with the required by the target systems, limiting the attachment size for the message conversion, customizing calendar events conversion (upcoming events entries) also can be done with the customization options.

How Transend Migrator Tool helps to manage email migration?

Transend facilitates the end-to-end migration management option within the software.

Migration engineers can take the whole control by scheduling, rescheduling, pausing, and restarting the process. They can monitor the real-time status of the migration process mailbox by the mailbox in Transend migration dashboard.

Plus, being a centralized email data migration system, it permits the users to carry out the entire migration process from one location.

What are the Features of Transend Migration Tool?

Transend Migrator gives great freedom to the users in the process. It offers numerous features that mitigate the complex email data migration process.

  • Migrate a specific folder from the source system into a different folder in the target system (as per user's requirements).
  • Migrate specific folders and exclude unwanted folders from migration
  • Data Migration of emails from the old email to the new email address in the target mailbox with Translation Table. (different emails of the same user)
  • Transend migration tool permits data migration of many accounts concurrently based on the entry order.
  • Real-time status of the migration process of every account even it is a batch data migration
  • Scheduled data migration with the migration schedule screen and option to pause and resueme migration to refrain interruption.
  • Match source users to target users automatically by email address and display name.
  • Create inventory of source data with the report of the source account prior to migration.
  • Flexible behavior that accommodates any sort of alteration in the migration process
  • Automatically detects and determines the type of character set conversion needed for migration.
  • Equipped to support all latest email systems and versions including cloud hosted systems.
  • Robust data fidelity throughout the data migration process from source to the target systems.
  • Generate accurate data migration reports in XML format for each run with customization options.
  • Automate batch migration via command line to run virtually regardless of the environment.

What are the Benefits of Transend Migration Tool to Businesses?

Transend got a whole lot of benefits for businesses of all kinds by saving money and time. It gives immense flexibility to businesses while moving from one mail server to another.

Since the data migration needs of each enterprise are different from one another, this tool is 24/7 ready to address any migration process. The expertise in the data migration area made them the best go-to email data migration tools in the market.

  • Proactive customer support for expected and unexpected issues
  • Industry expert service support and highly robust guidance from the pioneers
  • Exclusive support from incident-appropriate migration solution professionals
  • Immense customization options that fit the unique requirements of users
  • Option for creating custom patches based on the requirement of the migration process.
  • Seamless integration with all email systems and APIs for a fail-proof data migration
  • High accuracy and proven reliability for all sort of data/email exchanges through Transcend Migrator

Final Thought

It is tough to find a similar or better data migration tool like Transend migrator. However, such a comprehensive, flexible and error-free migrator can't work alone for your migration mail server migration. For that, you need some professional support to plan, procure, initiate, and carry out eh whole data migration process.

There is where you need the help of Medha Hosting and our years of expertise in the data migration process.

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