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What is Network Operations Center (NOC)? [Guide Included]

In a business, network operations center (NOC) ensures that the business and the data are safe. The systems are operational and in order. It provides automated diagnostics and advanced alerts that help in keeping the business in operation.

It is a pivotal place in a business IT settings where network engineers orchestrate every network management tasks such as monitoring, diagnoses, and respond to critical network and end-point issues arising across an IT environment.

Usually companies hire managed IT services providers to cover all the NOC services and some firms team up their in-house NOC support squad. There dedicated NOC team do all the monitoring, configuration and management tasks for every system and networks.

However, network operations management requires a lot of skills, tools and expertise to ensure the optimal performance of network and systems of a business setting. In this blog let's check more about Network Monitoring, NOC and its benefits:

What is NOC network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is a process of monitoring and diagnosing the system, network, or infrastructure that connects devices to the IT network. This can be done through the use of analog or digital tools, devices and other Network operations systems (NOS).

If you might want to build your business around an array of small devices connected to one central device, or you may just need to manage a large number of devices, a well shaped network management system is essential.

Network monitoring service helps you in both cases, regardless of the size of your business it secure your network channels and clusters end-to-end.

However, to get the most out of your network monitoring system, you need to make sure that you've got the right hardware, software, and network connections, among other things.

To get rid of this burden many companies used to rely upon managed IT service partners/ NOC service support partner. Anyhow, when you're looking for the right NOC partner, don't just look at what you think is right for your business.

Think about the practical issues, like compatibility, ease of use, the price, and so on. It's better to have a comprehensive and furustic network monitoring team in-house /outsourced that works well than to have one that you'll eventually have to give up.

The best monitoring solutions actually record data when they aren't used and thus not require any adjustments from the user. It's usually better to use systems that constantly record to avoid having to download data from remote locations that you may have in mind.

What are the Services a Network Operations Center Covers?

Since IT network systems are continuously growing and evolving, there are many functions and tasks that need to be handled. As a company's network is packed with in-house, remote and third-party systems and network channels it is not easy to maintain all the network and end device clusters at once.

With the help of the Network Operations Center (NOC), a company can determine how and when to change a system and implement policies and procedures to ensure that all systems in the network are functioning well.

Hence NOC services offer a wide range of features that are helpful for organizations. These features include monitoring, reporting, telemetry, diagnostics, and provisioning. It also offers a more comprehensive security services and also access to the group policy editor (policy enforcement).

  • Monitoring Infrastructure Security and functionality across the IT environment
  • Optimize network and system performance for improved productivity
  • Set Up alerts and warning to identify and solve issues based on priority and severity
  • Software testing, Installation, application troubleshooting and security checkup
  • Mail service management and storage management including backup
  • Intrusion prevention system management with stringent policy enforcement
  • Regular network discovery and network assessment including threat analysis
  • Incident report, performance report and recommendations
  • Virus scanning, firewall management and remediation
  • Quality assessment, optimization, documentation, escalation

How NOC Services can Help Your Business IT Infrastructure?

NOC services can help businesses in a whole lot of ways. To maintain maximum uptime, ensure the network clusters are vulnerable-free and the performance of systems and networks are up to the expectation and much more.

A comprehensive NOC team can ensure a high-functional IT infrastructure with automated monitoring and troubleshooting provisions. Plus, they can promise network uptime and thereby uninterupted operation in a business setting.

Hence, handing over your IT infra to a professional NOC team is more like leaving the burden of half of your IT management and security risk to a more secure hands. Thereafter, they will be accountable for every IT issues popping up across the environment.

Additonal benefits for businesses

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring with performance analyss and report
  • Remote Service support, on-premise Service and real-time assistance
  • Enterpeise-level network monitoring for all kind of businesses
  • Top-notch technology support and trained experts in place without overhead
  • Expert recommendation and network optimization for better performance
  • Custom NOC service with control over network and system infrastructure
  • Reduce infrastructure overhead and maintenance cost
  • Sheduled network health check uo and preventive maintenance
  • Unlimited service support with overall infra surveillance support
  • Prevents corporate data theft with prompt warning and alarms

In-house NOC team or Managed NOC Service, which is better?

In a company, any system/network need to be assessed before the actual installation. This allows the company to determine the system's level of functionality and capacity. Hence, every company requires an equipped network operations center and a efficient team to mange it. Plus, there are a number of tools that can be used to customize and manage the settings of the systems/networks and that demands experts to make use of it.

Since each business has different needs and requirements the importance of IT Network Operations Center (NOC) service to maintain the networks and systems of companies varies.

Without an in-house NOC team or managed NOC service provider, the entire network might break down. This would cause trouble for businesses and even jeopardize their data.

However, whether it is in-house/outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) it helps to keep the business safe. NOC support can safeguard the IT environment  from malicious threats such as viruses, worms, DDOS attacks and Trojan horses. It also prevents corporate data from being stolen by internal users, which can cause damage to the company.

Hence, if your company don’t want to take the burden of such a mundane and tedious task, outsourcing it to a profession NOC service support provider is better. It helps to save time, efforts, money etc.

Medha Hosting 365 x 24 x 7 NOC service

Medha Hosting is helping organizations and business entities to manage and maintain the network infrastructure and server network clusters since years. Our trained network engineers are helping businesses of all size to maintain a optimized network infrastructure and thereby performance.

Hence , if you have any help related  to  network administration or network operations center service please feel free to reach us anytime.

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