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What is SSL Certificate and which one to Choose TSL/SSL?(2020)

Many of us might have heard about SSL certification. There must be people who ask what is SSL certificate and TSL as well! Those are an imperative add-on for every website to prove their authenticity and security. Also, all who own or working in internet fields might have familiar with the abbreviation TSL either. Both of them come under the same roof but have some subtle differences in their versions.

I guess you haven't ever thought about the subtle nuances between SSL certificate and TSL certificate. Have you?

TSL certificate is not that much distinct from SSL certificate. Both hold the same function but have some variance. These acronyms are holding similar functions but haven’t you perplexed at least once what to choose? So, let's it out

What is SSL certificate and how it works?

Websites are our innate address on this digital planet. Our websites hold identity to our business, services, or virtual personality. So, any vulnerability to our digital address is not tolerable and should secure it as we do for our residence (built with brick and mortar).

Today, as the globe moves to the next phases of digital advancement, the question of what is SSL certificates are getting more importance. As our advancements in technology and science, the risks associated with it also tagging along.

New modes of cybersecurity threats, network attacks, DDOS attacks, phishing, data looting, and much more are posing dreading facts before website owners. Besides, cybercriminals are hiding around all the corners to intrude into our website and steal confidential data.

Hence, an SSL certificate is a promising answer for eh question what is SSL certificate for? And a measure to fend of such attacks and website data compromising attempts. It acts as a secure encryption gateway for all data exchanged across a website and browser.

  • SSL certificate works on a cryptographic key that is a unique identification key.
  • When a web server, through a browser, attempt to reach a website, it will ask this unique key to grand access.
  • The web server sends a digitally signed response (certificate) to start an SSL encrypted web data exchange session.
  • Once the key matches with the website and the webserver, the host website will give access to exchange the data.

the importance of a TSL/SSL certificate comes ahead.

As we know, a TSL certificate is exclusively to safeguard our website from all malicious eavesdroppers around our network. It protects all our communications and transactions across the web. It ensures the data and files that we transfer across two systems is secure and uncrackable

Notably, the websites dealing with online transactions are prone to hijack or hacked by cybercriminals.

Either it is an SSL certificate or TSL certificate, they both do the same job for us. They will lock our website and lights a green signal for the user. The safe signal is not only a benchmark of security but also a symbol of trust and reliability today.

But, there are some features that a TSL certificate has for us. At the same time we cannot overlook SSL either, so let’s see what they hold peculiar.

The subtle difference between SSL and TSL certificate is nothing, but it’s variance over the versions, and TSL is little advanced and more likely to cope with the advancing technologies.

Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol to protect the website and the transactions between a server and the user. This standard security protocol encrypts all the communications across the network.

It entails a set of procedures and requirements to acquire an SSL certificate, and the process is the same and transparent for both SSL and TSL certificate.

What to choose?

To tell it straightaway, SSL is the predecessor of TSL. TSL is more sophisticated and equipped to survive in the new scorching digital seasons. TSL is more up to date and capable of rubbing its shoulders with the advancing web technologies as well.

Each version is an improvement and confines some advanced security measures.  Also, there are possible chances of faults as well, as the SSL version 1 had.

Likely, TSL will be the preferable option for our website security protocol in the very near future. The updating technologies and its innovations will be more receptive to TSL.

Subsequently, when you are thinking of purchasing a website security protocol, it would be better to choose TSL in the future.

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