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Breaking News: Downtime Kills Small Businesses.

Downtime is Becoming an Epidemic

Whether big or small, downtime is not a good news for anyone.

Everywhere, any company encountered a downtime has been forced to bear the grievous loss.

Though the hourly cost that the small and medium companies lose over downtime won't come near to the fat tech cats, downtime is ruinous for SMBs. Smaller business is more vulnerable to downtime they cannot survive the hazards it brings.

Employee dissatisfaction

Job satisfaction is a crucial element to upkeep the business operation seamlessly. Hence an idle work hour make every employee distress
Some staffs may use downtime as a reason to lean back, put their feet up, and restfully collect their hourly pay; we're talking about the other half.

Just think about the IT crew they can't sit back and relax when downtime occurs because they're typically taking the all the hardship of the storm. They will utterly grow tired of the daily routine of having to settle the winds and having no additional workforce or resources to change things for the better business operation.

Moreover, these things incur higher employee turnover, and the overheads that come with training and skill development cost more elevated, and it would be a revolving door as well.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the core value that leads every business towards success. If we fail at its stem, our company couldn’t have any continuity further. Customers have their specific expectations form every service providers. They expect it anytime that they require it.

Most of the customers will move on to a competitor if they encounter downtime of five minutes or more minutes. They cannot afford a single moment of loss. These customers are very sensitive regarding their business function.

Retail sectors will be the foremost victim's of downtime., yet, others as well have the impact. Due to the lack of sophisticated technology to and its embedded services to resolve the issues in a fast pace.their loss would be high.

Hurt Our Reputation

Reputation would be the first, hurt by the downtime storms. It will defame our image and market name and trample our business into a shame. In this age of social media, everything is open, and anyone can share their experience with the whole world. So even one person's bad review is enough to knock our business down entirely. Moreover, bad news spreads faster than a hundred year of goodwill and name.
Hence, there shouldn’t have any matter that can impact our reputation.

Protect Your Bottom Line

The first challenge facing by every small business is their limited resources and technology. That is the reason they are more vulnerable to downtime. They don't have the proper defensive measures, and so they can't react in a fast pace enough.

Fortunately, there are comprehensive business continuity solutions available today. That helps to incorporate Remote 24-hour care and Management (RMM) software, 24/7 access to a Network Operation Center (NOC), and regular backup and disaster recovery solutions to mitigate downtime issue.

Hence, reducing downtime will not only help get businesses back up and leap quickly, but they can suggestively reduce the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance by far.

To upkeep you customers and the employees happy and comfy for the further leap, we have to ensure an uninterrupted best in class service. Hence, to make it reasonable and straightforward, it is better to hand over your It system and networks to a trusted hand, who can manage it efficiently as well as effectively.


At Medha Hosting we care more about customers business. Our Managed IT services are designed to meet 99.99% SLA .For more details about check our  managed services section.

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