How to set up Shared Drive in Google Drive Setting?

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July 22, 2020


G Suite administrator can enable the content editors to transfer files to share drive. They are permitted to move the existing files also tot eh shared folders. However, moving files to the shared folders, the member of the organization will get access to privileged info. In this blog, let’s learn how to set up a shared drive in Google drive setting.

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes

Required Tools:

G suite admin access

Things Needed?

G Suite subscription

Steps to set up Shared Drive in Google Drive Setting

Step 1 : Log in to Admin Console
Log in to and Go to Apps.

Select G Suite

Select Drive and Docs

Step 2: Manage Shared Drives
Go to Managed shared drives

Select the dotted menu button, which can be found on the top right corner of the page

Select “Drive.”

Step 3: Create Share Drive
Click on CREATE SHARED DRIVE, which can be found in the middle of the page

Enter the name that you want your drive to be and click CREATE

After the drive is created to Add members, Select the drop-down, as shown in the image, and click on Add members.

Step 4: Add New Members
Fill in the details of the new member to be added.

From the drop-down below the name, Select the positions of the members and click on SEND. Your members would have been added by now

Step 5: Add New File to Drive
To add a new file to the drive, click on “NEW” that can be found on the top left of the page

Select the format of the file that you want to add

Step 6: Restore Permanently Deleted File
To restore files that have been permanently deleted by any user, Go to Shared documents and click on restore symbol, as shown in the image.

Select the date range and click on RESTORE DATA

Step 7: Access Shared Drive Setting
To access shared drive settings, Select the Settings symbol.

Modify the settings as per your requirements by clicking the edit button. Click DONE

Step 8: Change Cover Image of Drive Folder
To change the cover image of the drive folder, Go to shared drives.

Select the Drive that you want to edit

Go to the drop down and select change theme, and you can choose from available pictures or upload your custom image

To view the details of the modifications done on a file, right-click on the required file, and select View details

Setting up shared drive in an organization helps a lot to smoothen the processes. Hope you understand how to set up shared drive in Google drive setting. If you have any doubts please contact Medha Hosting.
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