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Microsoft Office 365 For Students- A Review (2020)

Remote learning is getting extremely popular in the course of time. More and more solution remote learning solutions are introducing day by day, and educational institutions are trying out for eh best teaching experience. Thus, teachers and students need modern online tools to communicate, store information, and exchange data in the virtual space. Microsoft Office 365 for Students offers one of the best solutions to this issue.

This software has been tested by professional educators, leading institutions, and online essay editors, who were relentlessly trying to ensure quality education for children across the world.

Microsoft Office 365 for Students Review

The Office 365 for students software constitutes a set of online applications for educators and pupils: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Teams, Access, OneNote, Publisher. One can install it on any device and synchronize it with other gadgets. It means that all your machines (a tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC) can be united in one network for study. All platforms are supported, including Android and IOS.

Office 365 for Students has Email, File, Sync & Share, Social, Calendaring, Conferencing options. Specially designed for modern young people and progressive educators, it has significant advantages for online learning.

Collaborative Space

Microsoft Office 365 for Students helps to organize a virtual classroom. Its core idea is to make a unique digital hub for teachers and students.

  • All its members can create and share documents online. The teacher can watch all the files, while pupils do not see each other’s notes. So, there are no lost assignments and homework. All data is kept in one place.
  • Students can so also watch the teacher’s screen. It is very convenient when you need visual explanations of materials.
  • Pupils can get assignments, ask questions to teachers, work in a team with classmates. It is easy to mention people in shared files using “@name.”

The learning process is much fun with Skype conferences. They allow students to feel the presence of group mates and the professor. You can also make a schedule for online meetings with the help of the Calendar.

Fantastic PowerPoint Functionalities

One can add 3D elements to slides, as well as build charts and diagrams based on data from spreadsheets. Besides, awesome features are available: Ink to Math, Ink to Text, Ink to Shape. Thus, the handwritten text can be transformed into math symbols, printed texts, or shapes.

Promising Future

Microsoft promises to add artificial intelligence to Office 365 in the nearest future. It will analyze the text and detect tautologies, stylistic errors, and plagiarism. At first, these functions will be available for English texts only. So you are lucky if it is your native language.

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Microsoft Editor for students: ideas for inspiration

Why Microsoft is not only a convenient software for students but also for all all sort of leaners got proved by this features as well. This brand is also a popular topic for essays and those who in higher education sector.

How to Do It?

Choosing a title for your essay, consider your school or college requirements. For instance, a simple descriptive essay about the history of the company is too primitive for a college level. In this case, opt for an analytical topic, something like “Analysis of Microsoft business strategies,” for instance. Here are some good variants.

  • Secrets of business success on the example of Microsoft.
  • The main competitive advantages of Microsoft.
  • The way Microsoft changes the world.
  • How did Bill Gates build his corporation?
  • Key moments in Microsoft’s history.
  • Impact of Microsoft on society.
  • Contribution of Microsoft to globalization.
  • Products of Microsoft I use in my everyday life.

Search for information

As Microsoft is a world-known corporation, you will easily find facts about it. Go to their official website, read the latest news and reviews to learn the necessary information. Use official statistics and results of the marketing research for a persuasive essay.

Build a plan

Determine the structure of your essay to write short and to the point. Introduction, body, and conclusion are necessary parts.

 Write your thoughts

You can use a free writing technique. Record all your ideas without regard to the structure and grammar. After that, organize all of them according to the above plan. If you do not want to waste time on editing, you can send your text to It is a reliable online service helping students with academic writing assignments.

Express your opinion

The value of any essay lies in the author’s view. You can write what you think about the ways Microsoft runs its business, show admiration of Bill Gates, reflect on further perspectives of the corporation, etc. Describing the personal experience of using Microsoft products is also a good idea.

As you see, Microsoft has become a crucial part of students’ lives. It provides useful software for study such as Office 365, devices, games, etc. Moreover, it is an excellent example of a successful multinational business. For this reason, this brand is often chosen as a subject for writing tasks.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Office 365 for students is a must have for this digital age. Apart from the listed range of apps and features, Microsoft offers an extended list of features to excel your learning experience. And, for schools and educators Microsoft office 365 give robust control options and easy teaching applications as well.

If you need any sort of help to get and explore Microsoft Office 365 for Students please feel free to reach Medh Hosting.

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