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Factors To Be Checked Before Headlong For BYOD


Bring Your Own Device” it sounds trendy. As a part of new work nature, to give more free space to leverage the productivity along with the employee satisfaction, BYOD is the futuristic way of work. Companies are letting employees bring their own device to work.

Definitely, it’s enhancing the productivity and morale of employees.

But this may not be a good fit for a small business venture. Behind the screen, some more complicated risks are associating with it. Especially, data and network security concerns have to be thought out. Hence there are few things to consider before jumping into BYOD.

Cost of Support

The concept can spare a lot of budget in terms of hardware installation, procurement and its maintenance for the companies. There will a huge freedom to opt for the device employes can choose as well. Undoubtedly that is a huge incentive, but, extra support costs must also be factored in.

Though the employees can bring there own machines and work, they may not be skilled in resolving a bit complex technical issues and not be aware of adding new plugins to the ease of work as well.

Hence, there should be a dedicated IT support team or they need to turn to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in your premises for support. They can provide exclusive expertise and leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to monitor, secure and optimize your business network and applications.

Limited Number of Support Devices

Though the employees can bring their own devices, it’s impossible to foster any sort of devices. There would be a chance of taking advantage over this possibility may arise.
An accepted list of machines with specific features will mitigate the redundant expenses involved in maintenance and software or equipment upgrades for outdated devices. And it would be good to extend the limit for a broad range of devices and their more recent releases to accommodate the diversified tastes of your employees

Legal Risks

Apart from its benefits, a set of risks are clinging to the new approach for every business. Especially, those first dealing with the sensitive customer data and records. It will the expose the business to complex legal risks. A mismanagement form any of the employees is more than enough to put the whole business into irrecoverable risk. In addition, the personal online habits of your employees can also increase your network’s vulnerability to malware, phishing, or hacking schemes intended to steal the data.

Hence, these increased legal risks are another reason why SMBs must take precautions. So, unless they can ensure all the can safeguard the data with their own IT team, it's better to work with an MSP that offers a solid MDM solution to ensure all employee devices are monitored, deployed, managed and configured in a manner that prioritizes data integrity and security.

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