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Efforts Measurable by Result: Medha Hosting’s Approach Toward Work

June 2, 2020

A little over a year later, since we embarked on our journey, we’ve realized that it takes a lot to stand out of this competing and riveling IT marketplace. And without a remarkable business proposition and a result-oriented approach, it is even beyond imagination.

That time, numerous commonplace business propositions were wafting across with its old charm. Besides, a surge of intuitive business startups was booming out.

However, thinking of how to be astonishingly excellent than those tens and thousands of peers exhausted us. But we didn’t give a sign of fear about it but learned from each of our mistakes.

As time passed by and as hundreds of clients checking in and out year by year, we understand that our efforts are started giving out measurable results.

Instead of rooting our business model in and around the bulky business book and prefixed entrepreneurial market Junks, our approach to Work by seeing the result in the forefront helped us to derive the best and the optimized path to win again and again.

Hosting Advice, who is one of the leading IT services and server hosting recommendation platforms for organizations and end-users, wrote about our customer success rate and retention as excellent.

They inquired about the secret ingredient that we add to gain such a customer loyalty proportion.  For us, to answer that question is as simple as our business proposition- “Efforts measurable by Result.”

We know the very reason a customer seeks our service is with confidence that we can help them to resolve the issues on time. Meanwhile, our team will also picture the real-time situation of our clients as well.

Hence, standing on that point, we work by foreseeing the result that every client expects from us as we expect a solution from the vendors we reach out often.

So, moving forward with such a result-driven work pattern, everyone here in Medha Hosting knows what should be the exact expected result.

And on the pursuit of that specific goal, all of us can head forward with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Our CEO used to say, “ Work without seeing the result never meet the goal.” So our value proposition has wholly lain on our work approach over every single project we do.

Sunil Iyer
Sunil IyerSunilyer Read More

Spoke to multiple people for support and they are just amazing in doing their job. The entire team is great. Everyone answers taking time to understand the concern and provide solution. They are not like other customer service team where they give answers which are scripted. Happy to be using the services of Medha Hosting

Sushil Shirke
Sushil ShirkeSushil Shirke Read More

Certainly the best Microsoft partner we have dealt with so far. Super gr8 support team, they know how to get it done. Highly recommend the folks here and their service.

Paari Elangovan
Paari ElangovanPaari Elangovan Read More

Highly communicative team. Quick turnaround time. Had a pleasant experience in buying G Suite accounts for my company. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Leo Vuppuluri
Leo VuppuluriLeo Vuppuluri Read More

Had a great experience in transferring the services to Medha Hosting through Nagaraju Venkat. All the operations were performed to precision, have no qualms whatsoever until now. I hope and wish all the best for Venkat and Medha Hosting.

Working Model Derived from Expertise

Speaking about our working model, we have a unique approach that has been derived from our years of experience in the IT service industry. We can’t claim that we have never seen failures or even mistakes, but we learned from it and now attained a failure-proof state of service.

Over these years, most of the customers we met with were complaining about the lack of reliability and the consistency of IT services. We have found that the reason was nothing, but they have agreed with the short-term solutions that the managed service providers suggest.

Because businesses didn’t have any other options as well, they used to follow temporary solutions, which result in severe consequences.

However, it taught us a great lesson that the companies/business need a long-lasting solution instead of an ad-hoc fix that cause more trouble in the future.

Hence, that understanding helped us to derive a unique working model that assures an enduring IT service solution for our customers of all sizes.

In addition, surprisingly, sweeping away our doubts and apprehensions, all of our customers appreciated our model of working. They were showing great interest in sticking with our service continuously.

As a result, our customer retention rate, customer experience, and satisfaction have been quadrupled. Besides, our working model starts to bring more and more customers season by season.

Final Thought

The reason for writing up such an article this is the thought that all business should understand the importance of deriving a unique working model that gives a superior result.

Plus, to let our kind of service providers know what it means by fulfilling the expectations of customers rather than going with just a temporary fix working model.

So we believe, as a managed IT service provider and a trusted partner of Google and Microsoft, we are proud to say we are unique and the best in what we do.

And we suggest every single business try our service and experience the result-oriented working model that we derived for your problems.

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