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Google Workspace Group Creation and User Addition Workflow

  • 1. Determine the purpose and members of the new group #Planning
    • Define the group's purpose and objectives: "Marketing Team collaboration and communication group."
    • Identify potential members: Marketing team
    • Establish the group's expected lifespan: Ongoing
  • 2. Collect the necessary information

Group Creation

  • 3. Sign in to Google Admin Console #Login
  • 4. Open the Groups directory
    • Click on Groups
  • 5. Create a new group #CreateGroup
    • Click on 'Add group.'
    • Fill in the group details
      • Group name: Marketing Team
      • Group email address:
      • Group description: "Group for the Marketing team to communicate and collaborate effectively."
    • Select access type (Public or Private): Private
    • Click 'Create'
  • 6. Confirm group creation
    • Check the Groups list for the new group
    • Ensure group details are correct

User Addition to Group

Review and Confirmation

  • 9. Review the group and its members #Review
    • Confirm that all users were added successfully
    • Check that all users received a group invitation or notification
  • 10. Confirm successful addition of users #Confirmation


  • Bulleted list of notes:
    • Note 1: Double-check all email addresses before adding members to avoid errors.
    • Note 2: Keep group descriptions concise and clear to ensure understanding among members.
    • Note 3: Regularly monitor the group's activity and participation levels.

Problem Checklist:

  • Problem 1: Incorrect email address
  • Problem 2: Group invitation not received
  • Problem 3: The user is unable to access the group

Steps for Problem Resolution:

  1. Verify the accuracy of the email addresses
  2. Resend group invitation
  3. Check the user's access settings and permissions
  • Sub-step 1: Verify the user's Google Workspace account
  • Sub-step 2: Confirm the user's group access permissions
  1. Contact Google Workspace support if issues persist

Follow-Up Actions

  • 11. Monitor group activity #Monitor
    • Check for active participation
    • Track any issues or conflicts
  • 12. Periodic review of group and members #Review
    • Check group size and composition
    • Review group objectives and progress
  • 13. Handle any issues or problems #ProblemResolution
  • 14. Update group or users when necessary #Update
    • Add new members
    • Remove members if needed
    • Update group settings or permissions

Priority Tasks:

  • Priority Task 1: Check the group's activity regularly. #Priority
  • Priority Task 2: Add new members as the team expands. #Priority
  • Priority Task 3: Handle any issues promptly and effectively. #Priority


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