How to Change the Disk Driver to Virtio or IDE in SolusVM?

Publish on February 11, 2017

Hi there,

You can change the Disk Driver to Virtio or IDE before installing the operating system but should you change this after installing the OS, it will show an error that the disk is not found or a similar error. Only change this before Installing/Reinstalling the OS.

1. Login to your SolusVM Control Panel.
2. If you have multiple Cheap server (or)  VPS Server , select the appropriate one.

SolusVM Control Panel.

3. Scroll down, and under the “settings” tab, you can find the “Disk Driver” option. Select the appropriate Disk Driver from the Drop-Down Menu.

4. Reboot your Cheap Server (or) VPS Server and you will be able to install/reinstall your OS which will use your selected disk driver.

SolusVM Control Panel.

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