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Save money and improve performance with VPS hosting. Scalable resources, 24/7 support, choose a plan that fits your needs and budget
Cloud Backup
Setup Time
Best Value
2 GB
100 GB HDD
30 seconds

4 GB
200 GB HDD
30 seconds

High Perform
6 GB
300 GB HDD
30 seconds

8 GB
400 GB HDD
30 seconds


Self Managed VPS (VM) Hosting Features

  • Each VPS allocated with 1 IPv4
  • Root access
  • Advanced Security features
  • Customizable options
  • Advanced performance
  • Automatic backups
  • Easy control panel
  • Wide range of operating systems
  • and more.

Add-on Resources

SSD Storage (GB)
Bandwith (TB)
IP Addresses
Windows 2019 - Standard - English
Windows 2021 - Standard - English

Are you tired of slow websites, downtime, and server issues?

Experience trouble-free hosting while giving your customers the load speeds they deserve with our managed VPS hosting service
Low latency and high performance with ZERO downtime
Timely maintenance to ensure ZERO error while running
Regular updates to ensure top-notch server security
Focus on your business while we keep your VPS fast, secure, and online

Root Access

Unlock full control of your server with root access, install custom software, configure advanced settings and more with our VPS hosting plans.


Stay protected with DDOS protection and firewalls, included in all our VPS hosting plans for maximum securit

Backup & Recovery

Easily backup and restore your website with our automated backup solutions, included in all our VPS hosting plans

Operating Systems

Flexible hosting options with a range of operating systems to choose from, including Linux and Windows, all with easy restore options in our VPS hosting plans"


Easily scale up resources to accommodate growth with our flexible VPS hosting solutions. Upgrade with ease and avoid downtime.

Control Panel

Experience ease of use with our user-friendly VPS control panel, manage your server, configure settings and more with our VPS hosting plans

Data  Centers

Host your website in our state-of-the-art data centers located in India, USA and Europe, with our VPS hosting plans

High Speed Internet

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with our high-speed VPS hosting plans

Unleash the Power of High Performance VPS Hosting With Free Migration

Are you ready to take your website's performance to the next level? Our VPS hosting plans use KVM virtualization, high-speed connections, and premium hardware to deliver lightning-fast speeds and a smooth user experience
KVM Virtualization
Our VPS plans use KVM virtualization, which provides true hardware virtualization, this allows for better performance and stability
FREE Human Powered Migration
With human-powered migration service from Medha Cloud, you can migrate your website to a better place and successfully grow your business online.

Addon: Proactive Monitoring and Bug Fixing

We'll monitor your website like it's our own. In the case of any issues, we’ll uncover what’s wrong and fix it .

Addon: Daily Backups with Images Stored for 30 Days

Protect your data with our affordable backup addon service. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure, with automatic daily backups and easy restoration options.

VPS Server Hosting - The Flexible Solution for a Wide Range of Use Cases

VPS hosting - the ultimate flexible solution for a wide range of use cases. Customizable resources, 24/7 support, and the power of a dedicated server without the cost.
  • Hosting a website or web application
  • Running a game server
  • Setting up a VPN
  • Running a mail server
  • Setting up a private cloud
  • Running a proxy server
  • Hosting a database
  • Hosting a database
  • Running a Git server
  • Running a DNS server
  • Running a VoIP server
  • Running a streaming server
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Running a test environment
  • Running a VPN gateway
  • Running a reverse proxy
  • Running a load balancer
  • Running a monitoring server
  • Running a backup server
  • Running a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Hosting a CRM & ERP system

Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Built On Enterprise-Hardware.

Top-Class Supermicro Server Hardware
Experience top-notch performance with our VPS hosting plans, which include supermicro servers for superior hardware and reliability.
Intel Xeon processors for super-fast load times
Experience the power of Intel Xeon Processor with supermicro servers in our VPS hosting plans, for maximum performance and reliability.
VPS Server hosting

Easy for Businesses. Loved by Developers.

Gain complete control over your server.
VPS Control Panel
OS and Applications
VPS Control Panel
VPS Hosting OS

Servers Located inUSA, India and Europe

Get low latency to all of the World.
VPS Locations

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  • As someone who's been burned by unreliable and slow VPS hosting, Medha Cloud's VPS hosting is a breath of fresh air. The cloud VMs are incredibly fast and reliable, and the full root access gives me complete control over my website's performance. The support team is also extremely responsive and helpful, which makes all the difference. I highly recommend Medha Cloud to anyone looking for a high-performance VPS hosting provider.
    Mark dan, CEO of Thous Company
  • I've been a customer of Medha Cloud's VPS hosting for over a year now, and I'm incredibly impressed with their service level. The cloud VMs are incredibly fast and reliable, and the full root access has allowed me to customize and optimize my website's performance in many ways I never thought possible. I highly recommend Medha Cloud to anyone in need of high-performance VPS hosting.
    Mohamed Bouhaja, CEO of KHANCHLA.COM
  • Medha Cloud's VPS hosting has been a game-changer for my business. The cloud VMs are lightning-fast, and the pricing is incredibly affordable for the level of performance you get. I especially appreciate the dedicated IPv6 and full root access, which have allowed me to create a truly customized hosting environment that perfectly suits my needs—highly recommended.
    Mark dan, CEO of Thous Company

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Frequently Asked Questions
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VPS hosting is a virtual private server hosting service that gives you your own dedicated server space and resources, while still sharing a physical server with other users.
VPS hosting offers many benefits, including improved performance and speed, scalability, full root access, and 24/7 customer support.
With shared hosting, your website shares a server with many other websites, which can lead to slow performance and limited resources. With VPS hosting, you get your own dedicated server space and resources, which leads to faster performance and more control over your server.
VPS hosting provides a virtualized environment on a shared physical server, while dedicated hosting gives you an entire physical server to yourself. VPS hosting is typically more affordable and offers more scalability than dedicated hosting, but it also means you'll be sharing resources with other users.
VPS hosting plans typically include a certain amount of RAM, storage, and bandwidth. You'll also have the ability to scale your resources as your business grows. Some VPS hosting plans also come with additional features such as backups, firewalls and more.
VPS hosting is generally considered to be more secure than shared hosting, since you have your own dedicated resources and are not sharing with other users. However, the security of your VPS server ultimately depends on how well you configure it and how well you keep it updated.
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