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Meet the Team

Discover the dedicated professionals behind Medha Cloud. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and passion, ensuring we deliver unparalleled solutions and service. Dive into the stories, experiences, and skills of the individuals driving our success.

Reddy GS 

Chief Executive Officer
Steering Medha Cloud with visionary leadership and a passion for technological advancement, Sreenivasa Reddy has driven our trailblazing journey. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to innovation, he embodies the spirit and ethos of Medha Cloud.

Tariq Osman 

Vice Presidnt Sales, UK
Tariq Osman shines as our Vice President in the competitive realm of UK sales. With a keen understanding of market nuances and a natural aptitude for relationship-building, Tariq consistently drives growth and forges lasting partnerships. His strategic vision and dynamic leadership have been instrumental in Medha Cloud's continued success in the UK market.

Dhivya Priya

Head, Operations 
Dhivya leads the operations at Medha Cloud, ensuring seamless processes and efficient workflows. As the Operations Head, she oversees daily activities, streamlines operations, and drives consistent organizational performance.

Venkat Nagaraj

Sr.Manager, IT Infra
Armed with a Master's in Technology and a profound understanding of IT infrastructure, Venkat Nagaraj is a cornerstone of Medha Cloud's technical operations. His vast knowledge and hands-on experience ensure our IT framework remains robust, agile, and ahead of the curve. As the Senior IT Infrastructure Manager, Venkat's leadership reinforces our infrastructure's integrity and propels Medha Cloud's vision into the future.

AR Shankar

Sr. Architect DevOps
Provides structure and educational direction for technical operations.

Aniqua Naaz

Sr. Manager , IT Sales
Aniqua Naaz, as our Senior Sales Manager, epitomizes the perfect blend of experience and energy. Her insight in identifying opportunities and her expertise in nurturing client relationships make her an invaluable asset to the Medha Cloud team. Guided by determination and a results-driven approach, Aniqua has consistently elevated our sales endeavours to new heights.

Subba Reddy 

Support Engineer
At the heart of Medha Cloud's customer-centric approach is Subba Reddy, our dedicated Support Engineer. Ensuring every client interaction is seamless, Reddy showcases exceptional problem-solving skills and a profound understanding of our solutions. His commitment to excellence ensures that our users always have a reliable point of contact in their journey with Medha Cloud.

Surya Reddy

Support Engineer
Ensuring consistent and top-tier client experiences, Surya Reddy stands out as one of Medha Cloud's trusted Support Engineers. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to addressing client needs, Surya remains a pillar of support for our users, always ready to guide them through challenges and toward optimal solutions.


Support Engineer
Rakshitha, as a Support Engineer at Medha Cloud, embodies dedication and technical prowess. Always at the forefront of client interactions, she navigates challenges with grace and expertise. Her deep-rooted understanding of our offerings and an innate desire to assist ensure that our clients consistently receive top-notch support and guidance.

Srikant Jena

Vice President, Operations
Spearheading Medha Cloud's technological direction is Srikanth Jena. As the Vice President of Technology, he channels a deep-rooted understanding of modern tech landscapes into innovative solutions and strategic planning. Under Srikanth's guidance, Medha Cloud consistently remains at the cusp of technological advancements, ensuring we deliver the best to our clients and partners.


Support Engineer
Swathi is an integral part of Medha Cloud's support team. As a Support Engineer, she provides timely technical assistance, addresses client queries, and ensures optimal system performance. Her expertise and dedication play a pivotal role in maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Mohan Kumar

Support Engineer
Mohan Kumar serves as a dedicated Support Engineer at Medha Cloud. With a focus on prompt response and effective problem resolution, he plays a key role in ensuring smooth client interactions and system functionality. His commitment to technical excellence ensures that customers receive the best support experience.
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