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How to enable boxtrapper in cPanel?

Lst updated on
September 19, 2016

How to enable boxtrapper in cPanel?

Enable boxtrapper in cPanel

BoxTrapper requires all email senders who are not on your whitelist to reply to a verification email before you receive their mail. This protects your inbox from spam.
If you want to get rid of unwanted emails then you can enable this on all your emails or only on selected emails and you need to configure BoxTrapper.

1. Login to your cPanel Account,
2. In the "Email" section, click on "BoxTrapper" Icon.

3. From the BoxTrapper Page you can see a list of your emails under the "Account" tab and the status of BoxTrapper (enabled/disabled) under "Status" tab. Click on the "Manage" Link.

4. On the BoxTrapper Manage Page, if the current status is "Disabled", click on the "Enable"button.

After Enable boxtrapper in cPanel, you might want to complement your spam filtering efforts by enabling Apache SpamAssassin. Your provided link, "," seems to be a resource for enabling Apache SpamAssassin in cPanel.

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