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How to Choose Best Managed Service Provider

February 12, 2017

How to choose Best managed service provider?

Managed Services Provider:

A managed service provider is an IT services facilitator which helps businesses to efficiently work in a sustainable environment with the required predictability for smooth operation. Among the fastest growing sectors in the business technology area managed services providers (MSPs) take the lead. All types of businesses, from law firms to accountancy and from small businesses to large enterprises are now referring to an MSP to handle all their IT services including dedicated servers. data management, System Security, round the clock System monitoring and every other kind of business integrated IT requirement. Among some the services provided by an MSP include Firewall and Virus protect, Remote Help desk Management, Network Health Monitoring, on site timely support etc. The main question arises though is how to choose the best MSP for your business. This article helps you decide how to choose the best MSP provider.
If you are business owner working towards improvement of IT Services, following are some of the qualities that you should look for in your MSP provider:

Choose the Managed Services Provider (MSP) having the Right skills and Experience

Any chosen MSP should have skills that enclose a broader range of services and should not be limited to just basic operating system maintenance and availability management. The customer should ensure the availability of the following set of necessary skills:

  • Virtualization
  • Availability 24x7x365
  • Middleware and various database technologies
  • Manifold Network technologies
  • Mobility and Security
  • Cloud Technology Managed Services
  • Multiple Cross Platform Integrative Services
  • Scalability
  • Availability of Specialized skill Set Staff
  • Knowledge Sharing and Organization

Thus the best managed providers should have broad set of tools available for providing services to not just traditional IT models also have experience in handling all delivery models including cloud servises.

Choose the Managed Services Provider (MSP) with a Practical and Technology based approach

The business owner choosing an MSP should look for one having a proactive approach that ensures prevention of a problem with continuous improvement and should not limit to providing devices based on the traditional “break/Fix” approach. So the goal should be employing an MSP using advanced analytics and other sophisticated technologies that work toward prevention of an incident resulting in system failures and should have the capability to analyze patterns generated by failures across platforms and procedures. This in turn allows for a transparency into the areas requiring improvement in service management for the customer. The basic approach while selecting a provider managed service in this regard is to ask the service provider for sophisticated back end technologies which employ automation to reduce human intervention and provide high end system capabilities like alert mechanisms, automated classification of workload, prioritization of tasks and remediation of unwanted incidents.

Choose an Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing Consistent Service Delivery

A business owner should look for an MSP providing a consistent service delivery, which results from practices involving reliable process for the employment of repeatable methodology based on clearly scripted rules. The MSP should be willing to share with you all the intricacies including policy examples and documentation of different process and how they are implemented across different delivery units. Similarly knowledge and data management should be performed in a manner so as to allow the business staff facilitation of access to past related problems and information regarding their resolution. Transparency towards health and performance of your business infrastructure also adds to the credibility of the MSP. The best approach is to look for an MSP consolidating the following areas in to a single management framework

  • Visibility to the real time services
  • lithe capabilities in reporting
  • Efficient online tools for services management.

Choose a Managed Services Provider (MSP) lending Support to Multi Vendor Environments

Current IT infrastructures are a result of hybridization of myriad types of technologies resulting in a heterogeneous mix of hardware, software, networking including cloud environments from a long list of vendors. So the best MSP will be the one having an experience of servicing technologies working in environments having a multivendor background including a steady relationship with different vendors to help cope with products availability and cope with technological growth. A truly efficient MSP will be trusted enough by the vendors to provide business owners with technologies that can cater towards their business needs in the most efficient way.

Choose a Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing Service delivery Globally as well as for Local Resources

An MSP having global capabilities can result in helping companies achieve the best growth and expansion in fast evolving economies. The capability to deliver globally can result in the following benefits:

  • Fast deployment in new locations
  • Effective management of customer care projects across multiple countries
  • Branches and Subsidiaries having ease of Local Language Support

Choose a Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing a broader range of services in tune with your Business Model

With changing business trends, IT needs of your business might change as well leading to the provision of a wide variety of new services by your MSP so as to lend the perfect flexibility for coping with the new added managed services without burdening your business with additional unnecessary costs and complexities. For future flexible growth, it is a must that your MSP offers a collection of services aiming towards

  • Better management of infrastructure
  • managed security, resilience, mobility
  • better IT Services including managed hosting and cloud

We at Medha Hosting work toward providing the best managed services adhering to the best market practices with safeguarding your interests and benefits. Some of the managed services provided by Medha hosting include:

  • Medha Hosting Linux and Windows Administration and Consulting
  • 24/7 Linux/ Windows server monitoring service
  • AWS Consulting
  • Azure Consulting
  • Google Cloud
  • Executive technology coaching for Google Cloud
  • Architecture and technology selection for Google Cloud
  • Cloud readiness assessment for Google Cloud
  • Cloud roadmap
  • Cloud solution and platform creation
  • Data-centric cloud solution – EDW, advanced analytics, data exploration
  • Data integration for hybrid cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Real-time and batch data ingestion pipelines
  • Migration planning
  • Advanced automation
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Application and data migration
  • System Administration
  • Backup and Restore Services
  • Performance Tuning
  • Security Management
  • Live Team Suppor
  • Emergency Supports
  • Audits
  • Provision of High Availability Solutions

For a comprehensive guide on selecting a Managed Services Provider and understanding the benefits they offer, visit How to Choose a Managed Services Provider.

To learn more about evaluating MSPs and ensuring they align with your business needs, check out Evaluating Managed Services Providers: A Guide for Businesses.

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