What is a VPS Server? Why you need a VPS Server?

Publish on January 20, 2017

What is a VPS Server ? Why you need a VPS Server?

This article provides the information necessary to understand what virtual private servers (VPS) are and under what circumstances will you need to choose a VPS server hosting environment. It should be registered though that VPS hosted servers differs greatly from traditional shared hosted and dedicated hosted servers.

The rest of the article addresses the following aspects of VPS Server hosting

  1. VPS Hosting Server
  2. When to choose a VPS host Server
  3. How to decide on the Right VPS host Server

VPS Server

When a host operating system simulates a complete hardware allowing an additional operating system to function on it, then such a simulation is termed as a VPS Server. In simpler terms VPS server is a dedicated virtual server owning a separate operating system along with additional allocated server resources within a larger server.

Figure : VPS Server Operation

A VPS hosting environment acts in the same way as a dedicated server operating within the framework of a shared hosting environment. In technical terms a VPS server encompasses the functionality of both a shared server hosting and a dedicated server hosting.

VPS can be related in its functionality to technologies such as VMware and VirtualBox. These technologies have the capability of using a single machine for running multiple Operating Systems. In other words on VMware while working on a desktop running Windows XP, you can switch to Linux or any other OS without restarting your computer.

Under the same principle VPS allows you to run several virtualized operating systems on a single physical server. Each virtual OS plays the role of a single separate dedicated server permitting individual customers to enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated server at a minimum price.

When to choose a VPS Server

Whenever a new customer launches a website, the easiest route to take is a shared hosting plan because of its ease of use. In addition to its low price, it also requires very little technical working knowledge. VPS hosting however becomes a necessity when the sites functionality needs to be increased as with the increased functionality, managing of the added responsibilities becomes difficult with shared resources.

VPS hosting users get additional server resources support and have a safety shield in the form of better control over the hosting environment.

The right time to switch to VPS is indicated by the following signs

  • Heavy Site Traffic

You need to upgrade your server capacity when you continuously receive notifications from the shared server regarding the use of too many resources while receiving heavy amount of incoming traffic.

  • Reliability and security

You will need the additional VPS resources, whenever it is a requirement to maintain a reliable website having a better backup plan with a sophisticated capability at monitoring the different operating procedures including added security.

  • Need of More Technical Control

Server application requiring system restart can be performed at any time while technically sharing a server with other VPS servers.

  • When Added Privacy is needed

Having your own OS without any resource sharing means inbuilt protection of your files from other websites as they no longer have access to your Server.

  • Need of Dedicated Resources

Having VPS hosting ensures having a dedicated amount of RAM available to you at all times. Unlike shared hosting where there is always someone utilizing additional RAM space, in VPS it is solely available for your use.

How to decide on the Right VPS host Server Provider

These factors decide your choice of a VPS host server

  • Operating System

The first thing to decide is that whether you will be using a windows VPS environment or a Linux one because both differ in the kind of software your site will be running. Medhahosting provides the best solution for both OS run server environments having the lowest price plan available.

  • Managed vs Unmanaged

Unlike shared hosting where you have no root access to the server, in VPS you get access to the whole virtual server and therefore need additional services by a technical person to monitor the server performance. If the server management is undertaken by the VPS hosting provider then it is called managed VPS, while when you yourself are responsible for managing the VPS hosting server then the hosting is termed as unmanaged VPS hosting.

Medhahosting provides managed and unmanaged VPS hosting for both Windows and Linux at the lowest market price and therefore should be the first choice while selecting Servers hosting provider.

For both Windows and Linux Medhahosting provides management in the following ways:

  • Different Supported OS Versions
  • Server Monitoring (24 x 7 x 365 days in 5 minute intervals)
  • Initial Server setup
  • Server Backups and Restore (Back up Configurtion and Restoration plus a full system restoration)
  • Disaster Recovery and Hack Recovery
  • Server Migration
  • 3rd Party Server Software Installation
  • Response and Resolution Guarantee
  • Server Optimization
  • Hack, Malware, Virus, Spam and Phishing protection
  • Automatic Updating of all Windows Applications including Security Tools
  • Redundancy

Redundancy applies to the backup and restore mechanisms provided by the hosting cloud. Medhahosting monitors your server 24 x 7 x 365 days in 5 minute intervals. If our monitoring system detects your server is down, we reboot it within 15 minutes. Medhahosting configures backups on your server and also restores backups for you. They can also do a full system restore from your backups if necessary.

  • Price

The price plan plays the most important role in deciding which Hosting Server to use. Medhahosting provides not only managed and unmanaged VPS hosting for multiple versions of Linux and Windows but also is a trendsetter in giving the best price plans for excellent quality and performance.


Linux Managed VPS Plan


Linux Unmanaged VPS Price Plan


Windows Unmanaged VPS Price Plan

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