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Our services can be delivered seamlessly to either provide a complete outsourcing service, providing you with everything you need from your managed IT services provider.
Enhanced User Experience
Enable Agility & Innovation

Leading The Way in IT Managed Services

Medha Cloud has delivered Outsourcing IT services to clients for the past 20 years, during which time it has challenged the norms– helping to define what has become the IT services people expect today.
Our IT outsourcing services achieve better results by bringing together three important components - great tech, skilled engineers, and strong IT governance.
This blend of unique technology and qualified engineers allow us to deliver a fully-managed IT service of unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Enhancing User Experience

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The user focused IT support services have been designed with user-experience in mind in order to minimise frustration to staff.
To keep staff productive, typical complaints of the IT Outsourcing industry have been addressed to ensure the experience is as responsive as possible.
And we understand that when it comes to IT support, every staff member works differently and therefore offer different IT support channels. Whether staff prefer to pickup the phone and speak to us, email us, use an online portal, a mobile app, a tablet or our unique hotkey instant connect feature, we have them covered.

Improve Productivity Through Outsourcing IT

Staff productivity is critical to any outsourcing IT contract, therefore minimising IT service related interruptions is key. However, some interruptions are more subtle and can slowly erode staff productivity across the organisation.Medha Cloud deploys their MonX platform which continually assesses the responsiveness of a device – how quickly it logs in, how the applications perform, what stability issues have been experienced. This insight helps Wavex to keep staff productive

Gain Insights Into Outsourcing IT

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Medha Cloud capture every action they perform into APEX®, so our performance is continually measured. We continually assess vulnerabilities, we capture your licenses and software into our CMDB. And, all invoices are online, with costs aligned to cost-centres and budget codes. And all this is available to review through dashboards and dynamic reports.

At Medha Cloud we believe offering our clients this level of transparency is critical to build trust and forge a long-term partnership.

Focus on your business
while we help your IT services

4 Signs That You Need to Outsource Your IT

We are exclusively provide the the full service solution our industry needs.
Sign 1
Employees can’t be fully productive and access all their business applications and data outside of the office.
Sign 2
You spend too much time and resources on managing and maintaining your current hardware and software.
Sign 3
Your IT expenses are unpredictable and difficult to forecast.
Sign 4
Your business is rapidly growing, but you are unable to enjoy the economies of scale.

How Deliver This

We are exclusively provide the the full service solution our industry needs.
Advisory Architecture
Cloud Migration and Management
Apex Service New Platform
Proactive Vulnerability Management
Monitoring and Notifications
Projects and IT Solutions
IT Service Management
Automation Network Administrator

Take The First Step to Outsource Your IT

We are exclusively provide the the full service solution our industry needs.
Step 1
Speak to Medha Cloud
Step 2
Demonstration of capabilities
Step 3
Step 4
Financial Business Case / Sign-off
Step 5
Implementation / Deployment
Step 6
Training (Where Necessary)
Step 7
User Acceptance Testing

Success Stories

“I haven’t seen this speed of migration before, and neither has anyone in my whole professional network.”
Vice President Opentext
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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe this will answer some of your questions
But what are “managed services”? Delivering “Managed services” is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of IT processes and functions in order to improve operations through improved user-experience, greater efficiency, reduced costs, or enhanced security. Many IT solutions are provided from IT vendors without any support or management – for instance Cloud platforms like Azure or AWS, applications like the Microsoft Office suite, Anti-Virus or Chrome, or hardware devices like wireless access points, switches and firewalls. Organisations often have hundreds or even thousands of different IT assets. Therefore, for those clients without specialist in-house IT skills, additional management expertise and technology is needed to design, build, support, monitor and reliably manage these solutions – these are referred to as “managed” services.
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