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How to Secure Microsoft Exchange Server In Post-TMG World

Introduction - How to Secure Microsoft Exchange Server In Post-TMG World

For many organizations, Microsoft’s Threat Management Gateway was a critical reverse-proxy security solution for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint publishing. TMG provided a number of security benefits for Microsoft applications including:

  • Application security
  • Network security
  • Authentication proxy
  • Secure remote access

The Microsoft announcement of TMG’s end-of-sale in 2012 and the end-of-support in 2015 left organizations without a long-term solution for securing their existing Exchange and SharePoint deployments.

Barracuda Solutions are Ideal for Microsoft TMG Customers

Barracuda Networks has a long history of security expertise and experience working with Exchange and SharePoint deployments, making us the ideal partner for customers needing to migrate from TMG. Our application security, anti-malware, and anti-spam capabilities have secured more than tens of thousands of deployments worldwide. In addition, our solutions are certified by Microsoft as recommending hardware load balancing and application delivery solutions.

Secure Application Delivery for Microsoft Exchange

Publishing Exchange Server takes many forms, ranging from Exchange Server Support , protecting the server infrastructure and safeguarding e-mail traffic, to providing secure access via rich and thin clients. Barracuda supports a number of technological capabilities that support secure access and high performance. In addition, they are designed for easy installation and administration. Barracuda’s Application Delivery Controller deployed as a reverse proxy provides a critical security layer for Exchange Publishing. It segments external access from internal resources, providing a security buffer that protects Exchange servers from application and network threats. Barracuda ADCs are certified by Microsoft as a preferred hardware load balancers for scaling and accelerating exchange deployments.

Exchange Server support with Barracuda

Secure Application Delivery of Exchange ServersThe Barracuda Load Balancer ADC provides a complete solution for Exchange. It has sophisticated load balancing, session management, and server health checks to provide robust scalability and high availability for Exchange. As a reverse proxy, it also provides a layer of security. All requests are terminated and inspected before being sent to the backend servers.
Secure Outlook Web Access (OWA)Barracuda’s ADC has pre-built templates designed specifically for OWA. This allows organizations to provide strong plug-and-play security against SQL Injections (SQLi), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), OWASP Top 10 attacks, DDoS, and other attacks against the Exchange infrastructure.
Secure ActiveSyncBarracuda’s ADC provides secure ActiveSync access. It can provide secure session management and access control based on device and browser type. Additional capabilities like DDoS and brute-force protection ensure availability even in face of rate-based attacks.
Pre-AuthenticationBarracuda can also provide the ability to authenticate users and devices using a number of authentication methods like Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS. This allows administrators to offload the authentication process from their Exchange infrastructures and provide Single Sign-On (SSO) across their Microsoft applications.
SSL OffloadingBarracuda ADCs use high-performance hardware for SSL offloading.

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To learn more about how Medha Hosting can protect and accelerate check our Microsoft Exchange Server Support.

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