How Microsoft SharePoint features make it a Powerful Resource for Organizations?

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August 11, 2020

Microsoft Sharepoint is cloud-based platform which gives more productive and collaborative advantage to business along with Microsoft Office. Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to control cost and minimize the risk related to IT. Since the platform allows teams to access valuable information productively, this tool has been instrumental to business processes. And also, Microsoft Sharepoint facilitates collaboration with every member of the team and simplifies the cross-communication across departments. Ultimately, SharePoint could transform how a company works across organizations, with so many options to share corporate news and make the information easy to find later.

Basically, it’s a content management and intranet system used for internal purposes to help bring business together, including collaboration opportunities, secure document management, and so on. A SharePoint expert could provide bespoke services to business organizations to build solutions that streamline their processes. Furthermore, it’s an industry-leading collaboration tool and document management tool as well.

For a business that wants to boost collaboration, SharePoint services offer a wide range of features and more.

Main Features that make Microsoft SharePoint Powerful

  1. Easy to collaborate and communicate with the company: The platform is integrated tightly with familiar client desktop apps, web browsers, and email to provide a consistent user experience, which streamlines the way people interact with processes, content, and business data.
  2. Central console administration: From one office location or business, you could access app management features easily, monitor SharePoint farms and restorations, system settings, update SharePoint, manage security settings, alter general app settings, and use configuration wizards.
  3. Secure and safe: SharePoint provides businesses the ability to protect secure data integrity from unauthorized use. This includes the management of permissions to folders, lists, documents, websites, web apps, and so on.
  4. Stimulating shared business processes: You could gather vital business information from customers, staff, and suppliers via a web browser, with no need to code any custom app. In-built data validation rules help gather accurate and consistent data, which could be integrated directly into back-end systems, to prevent errors and repetition, which result from manually re-entering data.
  5. Minimizes litigation risk: It helps in meeting regulatory requirements through itemizing storage policies, security settings, auditing policies, and so on. Furthermore, it’s also controlled and effectively manages sensitive and critical business information.

Why Organizations should use Microsoft SharePoint?

Seamless business functionalities: Consider the workflows you have in place for managing daily business tasks. How does your brand handle the initiation, management, and reporting on common functionalities? These are some of the common activities:

  • Gathering feedback
  • Collecting signatures
  • Routing an item or document for approval
  • Tracking a project, task, or issue
  • Document routing for publication

The platform has several out-of-the-box workflows designed in automating the processes and more. Moreover, the staff could integrate with familiar email programs, customer apps, and web browsers for consistent and simple user experience.

  1. Improved management of data: Research has revealed that an average worker spends 28 percent reading and responding to emails in an office setting that pops up in the inbox. Roughly, it’s 2.6 hours and about 120 messages per employee every day. Organizing it could be overwhelming since the data received could pertain to various projects, to different teams, and submitted in different sizes and formats.

This is where SharePoint comes to the rescue. Instantly, users could control the exact data points needed, with no need to filter through tons of documents that are not necessary. With a cloud-based SharePoint Online, this could be done anytime, anywhere.

  1. Data security and compliance with regulations: From the field of healthcare to the financial and legal sectors, there are so many industries wherein professionals should adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines and requirements. Most of the requirements that should be followed center on effective control of documents.

In particular, they must be measures put in place to ensure that only those authorized users are allowed access to confidential client and employee data. The platform enables users to enumerate security settings complying with their particular compliance regulations at each checkpoint.

  1. Unequaled collaboration: Even if you employ a few people only, it’s necessary for all the team members to comprehend how to collaborate and communicate. Without access to resources facilitating this goal, discord and disarray could easily happen.

Every edit done, together with the time it happened and who is responsible is monitored with the version controls of the platform. Only one person, furthermore, could access the file at a time to avoid duplicate work. Co-workers could share updates and files in real-time, boosting collaborative efforts.

  1. Enhanced productivity: Whether searching within a filing cabinet or clicking numerous folders, spending time during a busy workday could be frustrating and mind-numbing. With the SharePoint platform, all documents are consolidated, and looking for what you need could be done with just a few clicks simply.

Each SharePoint site could be organized to include only the needed folders and subfolders. This way, you could go to the source immediately when time is running out and you must make a quick business decision.

  1. Centralized administration: There may be times if you’re managing the SharePoint solutions that you need to adjust the configuration. With such a huge platform, the process may seem tedious. Nevertheless, the platform is equipped with a central admin console, making the process a breeze.

All changes in a centralized location could be made by authorized administrators, instead of clicking around to numerous pages. On the console, you could monitor, access, and update data.

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Microsoft SharePoint is a great solution for companies in the search of a highly customizable and feature-rich solution. However, it should be built from the ground up, which could be expensive and could result in an inferior user experience if not planned carefully from the start.

Experts SharePoint development partner, could help an organization build SharePoint solutions. The platform not only allows the sharing of information, but you could also manage projects with the app actively. Deadlines and tasks could be set, and build approval workflows, which keep documents moving automatically from one stage to another.

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